A solution to the data management needs of Humanities researchers

An extremely flexible, end-user oriented, web-based data management system designed specifically for Humanities.

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Open Source collaborative web database software for recording, analysing and publishing richly interlinked research data integrated with web bookmarking, bibliographic functions, flexible data import, XML and archive output, reporting and XSL transforms, network visualisation, mapping and timelines. It hides the complexity of database design behind a simple web interface and allows researchers to create complex databases rapidly, without using a programming language.

Heurisko is a cloud-based server solution built on top of Heurist, an “academic knowledge management system”, developed at the University of Sydney, available both as a free web service for researchers or for installation on a server (Open Source on GitHub).


Easy to use

A platform for the digital humanities for online database construction and dynamic data visualisation


Collaborative web database software for recording and publishing research data
CSV Importer, Zotero Synchroniser

Analysis & Visualisation

Crosstabs, network visualisation (Gephi export), georeferenced maps and timelines

Our Services

Implementation and Support Services

Data import

With our optional implementation service, we work with you to transfer your data into your new database.


Whether you require database setup or customisation, we can offer a solution to suit your needs.


You can easy build and develop own databases, but come and talk to us if you need support for complex projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Quick answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning databases can be found below. If you have any questions or problems using databases then please contact us.

- How do I create a database?

Databases can be created in the Heurisko panel only. The initial user creation will be by invite-only workflow for authorisation purposes.
If you want to create a new database project, please feel free to contact us.

- How do I access databases?

Browse here the list of databases on this server. You will only be able to open databases for which you have login details.

- Can I create more than one database instance?

You can run more than one single database instance for free. Register and create your first database. Subsequent databases can be created from within your DB using Database > New Database. You become the owner of the new databases created.

- Can I provide limited access to other users to my database?

Yes. You can create multiple users to access the database and set their privileges.

- Do you provide long term backups for my databases?

Long term backups for databases are not available. We provide 5 days worth of database backups. It’s highly recommended to frequently backup your databases locally.

- How do I get additional help?

HeuristNetwork.org is a "one-stop shop for everything Heurist, including full documentation, training materials, workshops, hosted Heurist services, exemplars and annotated database templates". For additional help please complete the contact form bellow.


Start a Project

Want to create a new database project? Please feel free to contact us. We welcome any comments or questions that you may have, and will do our best to answer you in a timely manner.

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